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our 73 favorite artists_

One of our major preoccupations is to put the artist and art at the center of our work. 


We think that art is both very personal in its interpretation 

but that it takes all its meaning when it is shared.

  • jewelry
  • photography
  • visual arts
  • painting
  • photomontage & collage
  • drawings
  • street art & sculpture
  • embroidery
  • the originals


Créations Utopic bagues

 UTOPIC by Mona Vulpoiu (1 & 2): designer based in Berlin, Mona Vulpoiu mainly designs rings but also some earrings and necklaces. She is inspired by great artists such as Van Gogh or Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and it is a real personal favorite!  

  DETAJ by Takayoshi Yamanami: this Japanese artist creates unisex jewelry by hand with the sole aim of magnifying the materials he uses while respecting their functionality. His Instagram is a gold mine of jewelry creations and associations.

 TOBIAS WISTISEN by the artist of the same name: this Danish designer is influenced by the Parisian Haute Couture and by John Galliano, with whom he did his first workshop. His creations are raw, unique and are imagined first and foremost by thinking about the way the material ages. He shares his work mainly on Instagram.


 ROBERTO KUSTERLE (3) : Roberto Kusterle has always been close to the visual arts, but it is when he takes up photography that he tackles themes such as the relationship between men, animals and plants. He also gives a lot of importance to the body, to the gaze and he likes when the spectator questions himself.

 ALVARO VILLARRUBIA (4) : this Spanish photographer and teacher exercises his talent mainly in the field of fashion. The body is often at the heart of his work with poses and outfits that seem to distort his models.

 HADLEY HUDSON : Unlike the other photographers quoted here, Hadley Hudson prefers spontaneous moments of everyday life. Ah yes and her universe is only open to young people that she photographs exclusively! Instagram

Piercing naturale par Roberto Kusterle et Birds of Paradise par Villarrubia

 JOSEPH HÄXAN (5): if you're sensitive to horror movies, we're not sure this Australian artist's work will be your favorite. His creations revolve a lot around the body, blood and stories of Satanism. Ah we told you that it could not please everyone but one thing is sure, impossible to remain indifferent ! Come and have a look at his Instagram to see his work.

 MATHIEU TRAUTMANN (6) : a lot of sensitivity, light work and very pure subjects. His creations are very soft and he emphasizes the artistic side of certain objects, such as nail polish, whose artistic potential is not really suspected. He collaborates notably with Shiseido, Chanel, Dior, YSL and he shares all his work on his page Instagram.

visual arts_

 FLORYAN VARENNES (7) : Floryan Varennes is a French artist who studies the medieval period. Armor is very often at the heart of his work as well as royal blue. He also shares his research and the progress of his work on Instagram

 CHIHARU SHIOTA (8) : Born in Japan, this artist now lives in Germany where she continues to explore the question of human life. In her creations she stages encounters, relationships, life and death. To express herself, she uses drawing, sculpture, photography and video. She also excels in the creation of constructions, works that fill entire rooms.

 CHRISTOPHE MARLEY (9) : In his creations he puts forward the living nature like animals but also minerals. His signature? prisms and mosaics. We find many insects, snakes or birds in the works of this American artist. A work full of life and colors. Instagram. 

 ALEJANDRO ALMANZA PEREDA : In his sculptures, photos and videos, this Mexican artist plays with gravity, which seems to have lost its effect.

 EMMA WITTER : her art is particularly recognizable since she creates her sculptures only from bones! Those of animals often those she cooks from elsewhere. A very interesting artist to follow on Instagram.

 JASON GRINGLER : rather cold materials in their raw state such as concrete, glass, metal. He creates a lot by adding cracks to his works. To follow this artist : Instagram  


 JEANNE VICERIAL (10) : she makes a big work of creation around two materials: flowers and fabric. Two quite different types of creations since her floral works are very joyful and sparkling whereas when she works with fabric, a more modern and strict atmosphere emerges from her photos.


 JIM SKULL :  On his Instagram, his skulls are in the majority but he also shares vintage photos of personalities he pays tribute to. Two quite different styles but which finally go well together.

 JUDAS COMPANION : Jasmin Reif is the artist behind Judas Companion. Her style is recognizable and she puts her works on all types of media (painting, mask, video, photo). Instagram.

 KARI ANNE HELLEBERG : she only works with materials such as fabric, leather etc. that she hangs. A mix of neutral and clear colors such as beige and white.

 KARINE N'GUYEN VAN THAM (11): always passionate about Asia without being native, this artist creates kimonos. Yes but not to be worn but to be exhibited as a work of art. Instagram.

 LARYSA BERNHARDT (12): his creations are very original since they are butterflies (rather moths) entirely made of fabric and stuffed. She sells her creations on Etsy.


 LIVIA MARIN : Born in Chile, this artist creates her works in a minimalist spirit, sometimes raw as when she photographs gold nuggets. One of her signatures is the integration of small touches of porcelain. 

 MASKULL LASSERRE :  the supports used by this artist are varied. He draws, creates videos, photography. As for the subjects of his creations, they are various objects. He alternates between close-ups and wider shots.

 MATHIEU MILJAVAC : Mathieu Miljavac is an artist based in Paris where he creates sculptural works combining nature and much rawer materials. His signature association is concrete and the often very colorful bird that contrasts with concrete, cold and very angular. Instagram.

 MELISSA GAMWELL : On Instagram, the artist shares her vision of art on a daily basis but professionally speaking she is recognizable for her cutlery especially gold spoons that look like they are melting.

 MIA PEARLMAN : For this artist, destruction is at the heart of her work. Although some of her creations are quite distinct from each other, the paper is always crumpled, the cardboard is torn and the constructions are wobbly but the whole is meticulously carried out. To follow this artist on a daily basis, subscribe : Instagram.

 NATALIA SHILOVA (13) : At the heart of very minimalist creations, Natalia Shilova, French artist, mixes living nature (fruits, vegetables, flowers) and stillness like minerals. We also find a duality between life and death since she publishes both fresh flowers from the morning dew and faded and dry flowers.

 PALOMA TENDERO : this artist works as well on photography as on sculpture. She has a very strong relationship with the body and she places it at the center of these works. 

 THIERRY EHRMANN : Thierry Ehrmann is an artist who extends his art on different supports but very often outdoors. One of his best known works is that of the bar code which, like dominoes, collapses. Instagram.

 USELESS TREASURES : contrary to what you have been proposed previously, this artist draws but by computer. A work which mixes humor, topicality and unrealism. Instagram.

 SIS POPOVY (14) : behind this Instagram are two sisters, Lena & Katya Popovy. These artists create dolls that are both fantastic (disproportionate eyes, face) and unique. Indeed they are all different from each other and have a very particular style.

créations par natalia shilova et sis popovy


 DAVE POLLOT (15) : past or present? For this artist the question does not arise since his trick is to inlay symbols of modern (capitalist) society in ancient paintings: Instagram

 JAMES ZUCCO : For James Zucco, paint is used differently since he dilutes his colors enormously and he uses drips to create his works. Instagram.


 JANUZ MIRALLES : The features are blurred, as if a vanishing point absorbed the faces of the characters at the heart of his paintings. His Instagram is very much alive and he shares many of his creations.

 ADAM RICHES (17) : fuzzy, dark characters as representations of painful memories. Instagram. 

 STEPHEN DOHERTY : his work is a reflection of what surrounds him (relationship, family, nature ...). He uses flowers and their petals a lot to create forms. Instagram.

 SUZUME UCHIDA : it is essential not to hide your emotions, to forgive if you can. The ultimate goal of this artist is to become aware of present happiness. And all this can be felt in her works especially on Instagram.

 PHILIPPE PASQUA : lThe fact that he became interested in Voodoo a few years ago has greatly influenced his work and today naked bodies and faces are at the heart of his paintings. Instagram. 

peinures par adam riches et shawn huckins

 ALEKSANDAR KRAJINOVIĆ : abstract and dark paintings but of a certain purity. His Instagram is private but the artist is very active on it.

 ERIC LACOMBE : this artist uses a lot the negative but inevitable melancholy. He paints abstract forms but ultimately representative of those we can imagine to personify our feelings (fear, sadness ...). Instagram.

 GIOVANNI GASPARRO (16) : this Italian painter creates with as influence his own culture. His works are classical paintings but always with an abstract touch. One notices for example representations of the Italian "mama" or the "padre" with a multitude of hands. Instagram

 JESPER WALDERSTEN : Swedish artist, Jesper Waldersten distinguishes himself by a style in which he mixes words, images and music. There is nothing fixed and usual about his art. Instagram.

 KIM-BYUNGKWAN : here art, paint is used to break habits. The artist thus uses very classical and known figures by scribbling them. Instagram.

 SHAWN HUCKINS (18) : what would George Washington post on Instagram ? This is the question Shawn Huckins asks himself and it is the subject he puts at the heart of his creations with classical figures and modern messages.

photomontage & collage_

 BEEPLE (19) : current events and geopolitics are really at the center of these creations that the artist exposes only on his account. Instagram. The creations are full of details and polemics.

 ALEXEY KONDAKOV : Gods like you and me? It is the inspiration of this artist who takes paintings representing gods to inlay them in everyday situations. He publishes more of his works on Instagram

Donald Trump par beeple
photo par salvia

 FECAL MATTER : between make-up, facial prosthesis and photo retouching, Fecal Matter offers a very futuristic vision of the human being, totally out of step with standards and above all a little bit of the alien side. 

 SALVIA (20) : Here again we deform the faces and we find a very alien side on the main persons of these works. The reality and what we know about the human body is totally questioned on its Instagram.

 MELANIE GARCIA (21) :  Mélanie Garcia uses collage to make the link between the human body, its imperfections, its perfections and to divert the natural shape of the body. Instagram.


 ALESSANDRO MALOSSI : His drawings are on paper, as tattoos and also exported in the fashion world since he worked with big brands like Calvin Klein. Instagram

 LUCAS DAVID  : this artist draws only women. Some of them are famous personalities like Britney Spears or Rihanna and in all cases they are cartoon drawings, where the forms are amplified with a macabre touch (blood, pale skin, white eyes): Instagram

 LIZZ LOPEZ : sis specialty is clearly black and white drawings, very detailed with a strong gothic inspiration and influence. Death in different forms is present on almost all his creations : Instagram

 ROSANNA VINCENT (video) : Rosanna Vincent expresses herself through colorful drawings of unrealistic portraits. The faces are distorted and approach an expression of indifference between judgment, sadness and anger.

street art_

 13 BIS (22) : we recognize the work of this artist since he replaces the faces, the eyes of his characters by flowers, butterflies. Instagram.

 QIMMMY SHIMMY : Total immersion in a girly world and Asian cuisine at first glance but very soon we realize that the sculptures of this artist are more than that. Sushi with baby eyes, hearts and heads. A meeting between the cute and the scary. Instagram.

 MARK JENKINS (24) : on Instagram, he likes to share his creations that escape logic. On the whole of his works, one notices different universes and themes but the absurd often stands out.

 IGOR VERNY : this Russian artist creates, most often, animals totally made of metal and which are removable. Steam punk works quite impressive.
street art sculpture 13 bis mark jenkins jessica harrison bronit baranga


 JESSICA HARRISON (23) : her thing ? she creates very classical princess statuettes and she brings them a completely different touch (rock, blood ...) that doesn't go with the basic image of the princess. She also creates abstract sculptures: Instagram.

 COMBO : With a style somewhat similar to a comic book, Combo approaches the current events in its creations sometimes with a touch of humor. Instagram.

 RICHARD STIPL : he explores the paradox of the present moment in relation to the need to always remain the same throughout our lives in his sculptures. Instagram

 BRONIT BARANGA (25) : Ttoning around the human condition. The solid materials seem soft, a very personal characteristic to the artist. : Instagram.

 LUDOVIC VERNHET : if you see a street art work in Paris in black and white with a touch of fluorescent green, it is certainly this artist. He likes to connect nature with technology and modern objects: Instagram.

broderie atelier noboru maurizio anzeri


 ATELIER NOBORU (26) : Atelier Noboru is specialized in "haute couture" embroidery. The pieces are unique and made with vintage and precious materials. He sells his creations only on Esty.

 EMMANUELLE DUPONT : her work resides in the study of the hybridization of genres between animals and plants in the real but also the fantastic. 

 MAURIZIO ANZERI (27) : Maurizio Anzeri's embroidery is a work of threads stretched over face photos. The threads follow the main features of the face but transform them nevertheless. Instagram.

 SALLY HEWETT : embroidery in the service of body acceptance. Sally Hewett embroiders human bodies naturally, without artifice and without societal constraints. Instagram.

 HAN CAO : this autodidact finds pictures in antique stores and she embroiders right from the picture to tell a new story : Instagram

the originals_


 NATALIA LUBIENIECKA (28) : his creations are entirely made of fabric. An agile mix between embroidery and sculpture, Natalia Lubieniecka carries out a meticulous work of creation of insect, heart, flowers. All her works are on Etsy


 MAUFÉ (29) : Maufé is a French tattoo artist and his creations often look like cartoons but the faces are totally proportional.


 MASAYOSHI MATSUMOTO : on his YouTube channel, the artist shows the realization of his works, a very interesting process we advise you.


 HUNGRY : Hungry is a Drag Queen who makes striking makeup. Drag Queens excel in makeup to create a character but here Hungry creates real works of art.

 ƧAM (30) : the make-up of this artist is allied to a photo retouching which gives as a result, faces totally distorted but sublime at the same time.

création natalia lubieniecka maufé Sam


 RYAN MATTHEW COHN : He has always been passionate about bones and makes them his art. Instagram


 AZUMAMAKOTO : his creations are colorful, exotic and mix flowers from all continents for a sparkling result. Instagram.

If we forgot your favorite artist, send us his name. We never say no when it comes to discovering new artists.
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