unbridled elegance

for all those who believe in unconventional beauty 

affirm yourself through your differences_

esther bancel erects the taboos, the irreverence and the "curiosities" of everyone as distinctive values to be proud of, freeing oneself from the regard of others, by imposing oneself in particular through one's appearance and difference.

unbridled poetry creations

Our mission is to embark you every month, thanks to a drop of new unisex creations, in our universe populated with roses, skulls, curiosities, unbridled and unconventional art transposed in a wardrobe of elegant pieces, mixing traditional codes and avant-gardism.

and what difference does it make in the end?


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made in France

All our creations are made by our seamstresses in France, in the respect of the traditional know-how, the human being and the working conditions.   

fabriquées à la commande

We do not stock any creations in advance. We only produce what will be worn. In addition to limiting our impact, this allows us to sell at the fairest possible price.  

who are we?

We are Esther and Morgan, founding duo and married couple, behind the Parisian label esther bancel. 

esther bancel is an artistic reflection on what society judges as unconventional in each of us and how we can better accept and even sublimate it. 

All this creates a kind of conflict in our creations. The conflict between what is most fragile or even wounded in us and the sometimes invisible poetry that surrounds it. 

But it doesn't stop there, since we also wonder about the way we should consume the garment. 

More than a brand, it is a way of doing things that we wish to develop. A movement totally against the habits in place...


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